Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WSJ article

My Saturday morning got off to a great start - sunshine, workout at gym, good breakfast and the Wall Street Journal article on headwear!!
"The Latest Hat Craze....Thin brims, straw trilbies and the ins-and-outs of wearing one" captures some of the new styles and looks currently being offered by many manufacturers and retailers in the THA.

Hope that you enjoyed your Saturday as well.

David Goldman

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All You Need is One Signature Hat

From dressy to casual, one thing remains constant - all you need to look hot for any occasion is one signature hat! What better look to take home than arguably one of the most classic of all hats, the fedora. What started as the must-have accessory for men years and years ago, is clearly the must-have fashion item for men AND women today!

Take it from fashion icons like actor Brad Pitt and athlete Dwyane Wade who have added this signature hat to their dressy styles.

Or for a casual day relaxing on your boat or strolling through the city, follow the lead of some of Hollywood's most fashion forward stars like P. Diddy and Zac Efron who sport their signature fedoras with casual ease.

And of course, ladies, I have not forgotten about you - a signature women's fedora looks just as good, if not better, on you than it does on men! Whether you're looking to cover your "bad hair day" or for a stunning finishing touch to your smart attire like Victoria Beckham, this hat does it all!


Hats in the Belfry