Friday, June 14, 2013

Stay Safe in Style: Sun Protection Hats


Hat Day in the Sun in June 26, 2013. Check out the latest Sun Protection hat styles from our THA Platinum Sponsors: Bollman Hat Company, Broner Hats, Wallaroo Hats, Dorfman Pacific, Magid and F&M Hats. 


The Betmar Charlotte Sun Hat is not only gorgeous, but it is rated UPF 50+ for sun protection. A large contrast bow detail adorned the classic upturn brim for a perfect summer straw sun hat. $69 on -

The Oleander Sun Hat has the glamour of a dressy hat yet is still casual enough to wear to your next summer BBQ.  50+ UPF protection in packable lightweight fabric. Other colors available. $41 on -

The Sunset Drive hat from Betmar is a beautiful sun protection hat! We love the bold teal/black woven combo and think it’s the perfect hat for vacation, Summer bbq, or the beach. Sun protection in style. $66 on

The Freesia hat from Betmar is one of sweetest sun protection hat we’ve seen! The floppy wide brim has become very popular with fashionistas everywhere, and we can see why! Fun, flirty, cute, perfect for beach day or brunch with the ladies. $50 on -

The Harmon from Bailey is a fedora made with 100% LiteStraw, a fabric that breathes like no other. It is soft, supple, and stays on the wearer’s head with a comfortable elasticized sweatband. This beautiful hat features a 2’’ brim for protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Available for $50 on -


Bailey brings us another great sun protection hat with the Nichols style. Proudly made in the USA, this hat features a teardrop safari crown with venting. A flexible, water-repellent LiteStraw® finish gives this tropical outback hat function in a breezy straw fedora for the summer.  $75 on -

The Thurman is a beautiful, breathable, sun protection Panama style hat from Bailey. Proudly made in the USA, this hat features a narrow pinch crown and a very comfortable fit. This is a very fine hat, for a very fine gentleman. More colors available. $125 on -

The Brooks hat from Bailey sports a hand woven Cuenca weave pattern and protects you from those harmful UV rays from the Summer sun. It’s 100% genuine straw Panama made from only the finest materials. More colors available. $100 on -

The Casablanca Panama Fedora from Biltmore sports a stylish c-shaped crown, as opposed to the typical pinch crown. With the 2 3/8’’ brim, this hat protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Made of genuine panama straw, this hat also features a leather sweatband, and grosgrain hat band. Classic and functional, and the finest hat craftsmanship available. $120 at Village Hat Shop. -

The Palazzo fedora from Biltmore features a 4’’ pinch crown and colorful hat band across this 100% premium straw hat. The 1 5/8’’ brim gives you protection from the sun, in style! This hat has a leather sweatband and is unlined so it’s very breathable and comfortable. $120 at Village Hat Shop. -


Such a bright, pretty organic raffia hat from Callanan! With a 4 ½’’ brim, this hat protects you from that bright summer sun. And the other great thing about this hat? It’s packable and crushable! $149 at Hats in the Belfry. -

This striped Swinger hat from Callanan is perfect for protection from the sun. The stripes and floppy 6 and ¾’’ brim make this hat both trendy and functional. 50+ UPF. $48 at Village Hat Shop. -

Callanan brings us another exquisite and functional (not to mention, affordable!), floppy swinger. This four flower swinger hat features a 6’’ brim for 50+ UPF sun protection, and stylish stripe and flower detailing. $48 at Village Hat Shop. -

Stay classy and protected from the sun in the Sofia hat from Callanan. With a 6’’ brim and a jeweled hat band, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd whether you find yourself at a music festival, a bbq, or the beach this Summer! $145 at Village Hat Shop. -


Sail away, sail away, sail away to sunny lands in the Nautical Boater hat from Capelli! Made of toyo straw, and featuring a 5’’ in up-turned brim, this hat is sure to keep you cool and protected from the summer sun. The nautical detailing is just too cute! $30 at Village Hat Shop. -

Sparkle in the beautiful Rhinestone Floppy Hat from Capelli! The 4’’ brim protects you from the sun, while the 100% toyo straw keeps you cool all day! For ladies that love to shine, this hat is a winner. $28.95 at Village Hat Shop. -

Cappelli Straworld 2Tone Facesaver is a great wide brim hat, perfect for the sun conscious woman. Made of finely braided paper straw and with a 3 ¾’’ brim, this hat properly protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Velcro removable terry cloth sweatband. $21.95 at Village Hat Shop.

The Amelia hat by Giovannio is beautiful, bright and fun! The large brim protects you from the sun, and the colors are sure to flatter and brighten up any space! Comfortable, functional, and beautiful, this hat is a winner. $99 at Hats in the Belfry -

The Giovannio Carthwheel is a classically big brimmed hat. Imagine just how perfect this hat would be for a Summer wedding on the beach, keeping you looking fabulous all while protecting you from the sun. The brim is 8’’ and the two rosette detailing is just beautiful. $99 at Hats in the Belfry. -

This two-toned hat from Giovannio is appropriately called the Splitsy. And it is another classic big-brimmed hat, sure to protect you from the sun. It features a classically formed bow, and a shantung finish, to make this hat wearable for any truly formal occasion. There is also an interior drawstring feature on this hat, making it adjustable in size. $129 at Hats in the Belfry. -


A true standard of Helen Kaminski's celebrated spring-summer range, the wide brim Provence 12 sun hat lets you maintain a fashionable calm in the heat and humidity of summer. Handcrafted from natural raffia crochet, the Provence 12 may be rolled and packed without losing its shape, making it the perfect travel companion. More colors available. $230 at -

The 15cm brim and decorative fringe of the Helen Kaminski Vilamoura Sun Hat create a feminine and exotic wide brimmed sun hat that's perfect for garden parties, horse races or poolside. 100% raffia. $275 at -

The Helen Kaminski Mendre Visor offers a fresh and modern tri-color pattern. Offering tonal blocks of color, the Mendre is also rated UPF 50+ for sun protection. 4’’ brim. $150 at -

The Helen Kaminski Lovells is a classic sun hat with graphic stitched underbrim. Featuring two accent tones with an artistic design on the underbrim, the modern and sophisticated marriage of this stitching adds a youthful flair to a standard style. 4 ½’’ brim. $275 at -

The Kangol Bamboo Boater hat offers a classic boater shape that protects you from the sun, but the brim is floppy for a more casual look. 2 ½’’ brim. $58 at Village Hat Shop. -

The Glossy Siren sun hat from Kangol offers the ultimate in sun protection. A pinch crown and a wide brim makes this hat perfect for Summer. Stylistically speaking, it’s lightweight and feminine, bright and bold! 100% wheat straw with a grosgrain ribbon sweatband. $54 at Village Hat Shop. -

The Space Siren Fedora is a piece of the future with a bright navy blue crown and a metallic, silver brim that will make you glisten in the sun. A special hat created for Kangol’s 75th Anniversary, this hat is out of this world! $120 at Village Hat Shop. -

The Printed Band Diva hat from Kangol will protect you from the sun in style. The floppy brim is so in right now, and it’s lightweight manner makes this a perfect Summer hat. $60 at


The Magid Stripe Bucket Hat livens up any casual outfit while proctecting you from the sun's harsh rays.  Made from cotton canvas that features an energetic striped pattern with a reversible solid  interior for a more understated look. $24 at Ebags. -
Presenting the Paper Straw Wavy Brim Floppy hat by Magid.  This sweet golden straw hat has summer written all over it. The curvy 4.25" edge not only looks great but also shields you from the sun. Perfect for gardening or lounging by the pool. $23 at Ebags. -

This grosgrain and ribbon straw sun hat from Magid is just too cute! Available in vibrant colors, this hat not only protects you from the sun, but offers a bright pop of color to any outfit.

This fun poka dot bucket hat provides great sun protection, it's perfect for spending your day outside and is packable and great for travel.  Available in Pink or blue / green. $23.40 at Ebags. -
The brightly colored Grossgrain Ribbon Hat from Magid features super cute feminine bow detailing. It's wide 5inch brim will shade and shield you from the sun.  
Available for $28 and be sure to check out more colors at Ebags. -



The Braid Boater from Scala comes in a Petite size for those who are looking for a sun protection hat that will fit their smaller frame. The hat is made of braided organic raffia, and features a 2 5/8’’ brim. $36 at Village Hat Shop. -

The Rainbow Roller from Scala! What a fun, colorful, sun protection hat! The warm colors flatter all skin tones. This hat has a great casual vibe for a day at the beach, or walking around town. $24.95 at Village Hat Shop. -

The Ribbon Crusher from Scala is a classic sun protection staple. With it’s packable and crushable feature, and 5’’ brim, this is the perfect hat for traveling to sunny destinations this Summer. Available in a slew of colors for $29 at Ebags. -

The Outback Panama from Scala is one of the brand’s best selling hats and it’s easy to see why. Made from 100% genuine panama, this hat looks great on virtually anybody, while protecting them from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Available for $110 at Village Hat Shop -

The Scala Lanikai sun hat is just perfect for sunny days. Made of breathable 100% cotton canvas, this hat is also great for travel because it’s crushable and packable! The 3’’ brim can be worn turned up, or down for more sun protection. It’s available in a ton of cute colors for $29 at Village Hat Shop. -

The 4’’ brim on the Breton hat from Wallaroo provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Featuring a contrasting poly-ribbon braid design and a wooden braid detail, this hat is great for strolling at the Farmer’s Market, the beach, or a bbq this Summer. $38 at Wallaroo Hats.

The Ginger hat from Wallaroo. A wide, 4" wire-edged brim provides shade from any angle. The layered ribbons in a range of matching earth-tones stack up to create a versatile and flattering pattern. A coordinating paper braid trim and band add the perfect finish. Internal drawstring for a custom fit. 100% poly-ribbon exclusive of trim. $38 at Wallaroo Hats. -


The Savannah hat from Wallaroo is one of their most popular sun hats! Fashionable, dressy and flattering, it also offers the most shade of any style they carry with its 5" brim. The sturdy paper braid weave keeps you cool and comfortable, and the internal drawstring gives you a custom fit. 100% paper braid. $48 at Wallaroo Hats. -

The Scrunchie from Wallaroo is an adorable sun protection hat. You can adjust the wire brim to turn it up, down, curvy, any way you want! Versatile as well as packable, this is a great Summer hat, especially for traveling. More colors available. $38 at Wallaroo Hats. -