Monday, December 14, 2009

Headwear for the Homeless Event

On December 10th, members of The Headwear Association gave away about 5,000 hats to more than 20 shelters and nonprofits nationwide during its annual Headwear for the Homeless event. A big thank you to everyone who participated in giving warm hats to those in need during this very cold December.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Annual “Headwear for the Homeless” Campaign kicks-off December 10

It's common knowledge that you lose as much as 80 percent of your body heat through your head. As temperatures plummet outside, wearing a hat can be one of the best ways to keep warm. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford proper headwear to protect their head and ears during the long winter months.

In an effort to help disadvantaged people keep warm when outdoor temperatures drop, The Headwear Association will donate thousands of hats to homeless shelters and nonprofit organizations nationwide on Thursday, Dec. 10.

"Many of us read or hear about those less fortunate than ourselves and wish there was something we could do to help," said David Goldman, president of The Headwear Association. "We decided that our organization could do our part by providing wool, felt, knit and fleece beanies and caps to underprivileged men, women and children to help keep them warm during the brutal winter months."

For anyone who spends time outside this winter, wearing a hat while it's cold outside is a small preventive measure to help avoid getting sick, If your body doesn't have to work so hard keeping warm, it will have more resources to keep you healthy during the cold and flu season.

The participants of this year's Headwear for the Homeless campaign includes:
Bollman Hats, Dorfman-Pacific, Grace Hats, Hat Attack, Jay Gerish Co., Kathy Jeanne, Inc., NES Enterprises, Outdoor Cap, Outback Trading, Philadelphia Rapid Transit, and San Diego Hat.

For more information contact Susan Weiss, SWPR, 312-222-1337,

Friday, November 20, 2009

Always Listen to your Mother

Remember, as a child, when your Mom told you that you would catch a cold if you didn't wear your hat during cold weather? Turns out she was right (of course).

Most of your body heat escapes from your head. Therefore, wearing a winter hat is a very effective way to stay warm. And, stay with me, staying warm conserves your body's resources which can be used to fight off a wintertime cold.

Just another reason why hats have been such an important part of human existence. And just another reason to thank your Mother this Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top Hats and Fedoras – Presidential Inauguration or Pop Culture Awards Show?

While the debate continues whether or not gentlemen's hats have disappeared from the political spectrum for good, pop culture icons like British comedian Russell Brand and singer Ne-Yo showed us traditional men's hats are not lost forever.

The long awaited 2009 MTV Video Music Awards aired a few weeks ago, and not to anyone's surprise there were as many unexpected outbursts and actions this year as in years past. Thank you, Kanye West, for rushing the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video. We now have more to talk about than your collection of white sunglasses.

But what I look forward to every year with the MTV VMA's is all of the new styles. No other awards show truly welcomes the originality of each artist's fashion sense. From classy evening gowns to over-the-top lace body suits that cover your face (Lady Gaga wins the award for most outrageous!) we're always in for a treat.

Hosting the awards for the second year in a row, Russell Brand did not disappoint with his edgy British style. Dressed with ultra-skinny pants, he adorned his attire with a top hat! Brand offered a new spin on this traditionally old men's hat to give pop culture a look at how we can take something from the past and turn it into a piece that works with fashion today.

Then of course, all eyes turned to Ne-Yo as a performer and presenter this year. Known for his trendy headwear, Ne-Yo stood true to his style in a variety of fedora hats. Almost always topping his look with black hats, he looks stylish and sexy with the traditional men's hat turned into a trendy compliment for all his clothes. Now, if the fedora could make all men look as good as Ne-Yo, that would be perfect!

After an exciting evening of performances and awards, we have seen some interesting changes from some artists and classics that work so well they need not be changed. Whether you want the edgy style of Russell Brand or sultry style of Ne-Yo, be sure to top it off with a hat!

Hats in the Belfry

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hats Off to 2010 Headwear Hall of Fame Inductees

Three showbiz icons and three modern day performers were chosen as the newest inductees into The Headwear Association's Headwear Hall of Fame.

Whether singing, acting, dancing or serving as a goodwill ambassador, this year's inductees literally wear many hats including stylish ones in their off-screen lives.

The 2010 Headwear Hall of Fame inductees include:
  • Humphrey Bogart
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Brad Pitt
  • Frank Sinatra
Annually, The Headwear Association recognizes the positive influence of famous hat wearers by choosing six people to be inducted into the Headwear Hall of Fame. These inductees comprise current day hat wearers as well as early influencers that have had a positive impact on the evolution of hat wearing and headwear fashion.

Winners will be formally inducted into the Headwear Hall of Fame during The Headwear Association's annual gala dinner on Thursday, March 18, 2010 at the Central Park Boathouse in New York City.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Few Good Hat Movies

I have recently seen 3 very good movies featuring hats: The Sting, Funny face and Grey Gardens. While the first 2 are the classics and the 3rd is a bit of an acquired taste, all 3 feature many stylish, unique and inspiring hats.

Funny Face

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Headwear Association Reveals Hat Person of the Year 2009

Brad Pitt can add one more award to his mantle. He has been crowned the winner of The Headwear Association’s Hat Person of the Year, an annual event for the 101-year-old organization.

With 37 percent of the vote, Brad Pitt beat out Justin Timberlake (18%), Sarah Jessica Parker (17%), Samuel L. Jackson (11%), Jessica Simpson (9%) and Nicole Kidman (7%) to win this illustrious award.

“We created this award to honor well-known people that wear a hat in their everyday life,” said David Goldman, president of The Headwear Association. “This year, we tip our hat to Brad Pitt, who wears many hats on and off the screen and recently has been spotted globe-trotting in ivy caps and stingy-brim fedoras.

The results were based on a global poll on The Headwear Association’s website during the month of August where people could cast a vote for their favorite hat wearing celeb.

For more information about The Headwear Association, please contact Susan Weiss, SWPR at 312-222-1337 or email

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Retro hats prevail as stingy-brim fedoras and cloche make a comeback

Need something to spruce up you fall and winter wardrobe during this gloomy economy? Hats are the most practical accessory to refresh your style and update your look without breaking the bank.

Placing a hat as the centerpiece of your wardrobe allows a cost-effective way to modernize your attire; to get noticed, and to transform a rather ordinary look to one that is memorable.

“As consumers continue to worry about the economy, men and women are looking for something special to give them a lift. A hat can be that unique piece, injecting color, texture or a new style,” said David Goldman, president of The Headwear Association.

While hats used to be a sign of conformity – it now viewed as a sign of individuality. Some of the current hot trends include the stingy brim hat, fedora and the cloche hat.

For the fall and winter season there has been a revival of the stingy-brim fedora, which is a brim of 1½ inches wide. This style offers a cool-factor; a laid back, and smart look. Fabrics range from wool flannel, to traditional herringbone, plaids, and wool felt.

Fedoras in all styles continue to top the hat trend with winter fabrics like wool and tweed. Between Johnny Depp donning a fedora in the recent movie “Public Enemies” and Don Draper (actor Jon Hamm) sporting one in AMC's dramatic series “Mad Men” – it has been a widely popular year for this type of hat.

A fedora has been around for more than a century and it was the signature hat style of movie legends like Humphrey Bogart as well as gangsters, private eyes and newspaper reporters. A fedora can totally transform your look and is compatible with suits to jeans. It comes in every color imaginable – with black, grey, tan and brown as the most popular.

When wearing a fedora, it is important to have the correct size, so that it doesn’t fall down over your ears or leave a red mark on your forehead when it’s removed. A fedora looks best angled slightly to one side and titled forward so the brim rests right above the eyebrows.

Even though a fedora is seemingly menswear-inspired, it can still have a feminine touch by adding a hat band, beads, flowers or feathers. Some hats can be trimmed to fit women’s smaller frames by making the brims shorter – which can look more flattering.

Cloche hats, a fitted, bell-shaped hat made popular during the 1920s, are a great way to add sophistication to women’s fall and winter outfits. This versatile hat is worn during the day or night and should be worn pulled down over the head falling right above the eyes. Recently, the cloche has been seen on actress Leighton Meester on the TV show “Gossip Girl” and on Angelina Jolie in the movie, “The Changeling.”

For more information about The Headwear Association: contact Susan Weiss, SWPR 312-222-1337 or

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WSJ article

My Saturday morning got off to a great start - sunshine, workout at gym, good breakfast and the Wall Street Journal article on headwear!!
"The Latest Hat Craze....Thin brims, straw trilbies and the ins-and-outs of wearing one" captures some of the new styles and looks currently being offered by many manufacturers and retailers in the THA.

Hope that you enjoyed your Saturday as well.

David Goldman

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All You Need is One Signature Hat

From dressy to casual, one thing remains constant - all you need to look hot for any occasion is one signature hat! What better look to take home than arguably one of the most classic of all hats, the fedora. What started as the must-have accessory for men years and years ago, is clearly the must-have fashion item for men AND women today!

Take it from fashion icons like actor Brad Pitt and athlete Dwyane Wade who have added this signature hat to their dressy styles.

Or for a casual day relaxing on your boat or strolling through the city, follow the lead of some of Hollywood's most fashion forward stars like P. Diddy and Zac Efron who sport their signature fedoras with casual ease.

And of course, ladies, I have not forgotten about you - a signature women's fedora looks just as good, if not better, on you than it does on men! Whether you're looking to cover your "bad hair day" or for a stunning finishing touch to your smart attire like Victoria Beckham, this hat does it all!


Hats in the Belfry

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keep Cool and Protected this Summer with High Tech Headwear

Lightweight and breathable fabrics offer year-round comfort

Whether you are working or playing outdoors, the key to feeling good and looking great this summer is to wear a hat with breathable fabric.

Hats with lightweight, breathable fabrics will provide safe protection from the sun along with built in ventilation to allow cool air to circulate and keep the sweat off your scalp.

The Headwear Association (THA), a 101-year old hat trade organization, and the creator of the official Headwear Hall of Fame™, Hat Person of the Year™, Hat Day in the Sun™ and Headwear for the Homeless™ recommends the use of technical fabrics for versatility, performance and practicality for warm and cold climates.

“Lightweight breathable fabrics such as microfiber, tight weave mesh, cotton straw and CoolMax provide moisture wicking capabilities to keep sweat off your scalp,” said David Goldman, president of The Headwear Association. “By keeping the sweat off your skin and scalp you reduce the odor and the bacteria associated with sweat and perspiration."

When hats get wet from perspiration it sticks to the skin and hinders the evaporation process. The evaporation process keeps our body temperature at its appropriate level to keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

When shopping for a hat here are some guidelines to help you determine the best choice for your activities:

Moisture Wicking – lightweight and breathable fabric that is used for outdoor activities such as running, walking, biking, tennis, hiking, and playing or working near water (e.g. lifeguard, boating)

CoolMax® is a moisture wicking fabric that can move perspiration away from your head, and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly, allowing the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable. Whether you’re an athlete, construction worker, hiker, gardener or tour guide - Cool Max offers year-round comfort to match your needs.

Microfiber is a moisture resistant fabric. When dropped in water such as a pool, lake or ocean, microfiber will not immediately absorb water; therefore the hat will float. In addition, the microfiber will also serve as a quick drying material to help get the hat back in shape.

Quick-dry fabrics are lightweight, comfortable and durable. Fast-drying and sweat-defying fabrics wick away perspiration better than cotton to keep you cooler and drier in the summer and warmer in the winter. Great for travel.

For more information contact: Susan Weiss, SWPR at (312) 222-1337 or

Friday, July 24, 2009


Below are a few men's hat customs and their origin compliled by asking an older, hat wearing gentleman. It's up to you to follow them or not.


Used when meeting a lady or as a way to say thank you, excuse me, hello, goodbye, you’re welcome or how do you do.

This custom comes from the military custom of saluting which is derived from the medieval knights raising their masks as a show of friendliness.


Hats are to be removed indoors except in places akin to public places such as train stations, hallways, elevators (unless women are present) and places of worship, depending on custom.

This custom is derived from military men removing their helmets as a gesture of good intentions.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Online Voting Begins for The Headwear Association’s Hat Person of the Year

For the first time in The Headwear Association’s 101 year history, it will crown one person as Hat Person of the Year.

The male and female nominees include:
  • Justin Timberlake

  • Brad Pitt

  • Samuel L. Jackson

  • Sarah Jessica Parker

  • Jessica Simpson

  • Nicole Kidman

Nominees for Hat Person of the Year must meet the following criteria:

  • Living

  • Well-known publicly such as an actor, athlete, musician or someone easily identifiable to the general public

  • Wear a hat in their everyday life – not just performing on screen or stage

The voting process is open to the general public via an online poll at The Headwear Association’s (THA) website Voting will continue through August 31, 2009.

The winner will be announced on the THA website and via press release in early September.

For more information, please contact Susan Weiss, SWPR at 312-222-1337 or email

Monday, July 13, 2009

How about U.S. hat making?

I believe it is time for Americans to wake up! In the United States, 3,832,000 manufacturing jobs were lost between 2000-2008. A recent poll indicated that 81% of Americans believe America’s manufacturing industries have a significant impact on their standard of living. And also, 68% believe that America’s manufacturing industries have a significant impact on national security.

Is there a future life for U.S. manufacturing? How about U.S. hat making? As we all know, many American manufacturing companies have been forced to close or downsize due to the flood of imports from Asia. Unfortunately, we hear all too often about another manufacturer that has had to close its doors putting more Americans out of work. As president of one of the largest and oldest remaining hat manufacturers in the U.S., I can attest to the painful process of layoffs.

However, there are still consumers in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and elsewhere who place added value on “Made in U.S.A.” products. With U.S. unemployment nearing 10%, I believe there is a renewed interest among Americans to purchase products manufactured by American workers and American companies.

It’s difficult to compete with Asia on pricing given that U.S. labor rates can be 30 times or greater that of China. When you include employee benefits and environmental compliance, the playing field tilts even further. Clearly, manufacturers in the U.S. can’t compete on price alone.

Where we can compete is with a superior product and speed to market. For retailers looking to maintain a tight control in their inventories, U.S. manufacturers can respond quicker by virtue of the travel time to ship by boat or air from abroad alone. If the price is going to be twice as high, the perceived value must be as well. Quality, performance, styling, safety, brand identity, durability, and innovativeness are reasons why consumers might pay more. And, I would again add to this list “Made in the U.S.A.”
It is time to stand up for our jobs and create employment opportunities for our children and our grandchildren. Manufacturing is losing its place in America and that puts our economy into the hands of others. For this reason, The Bollman Hat Company is about to launch “Save an American Job” campaign. We will provide a branded identity for U.S. manufacturers to tell their individual stories with a unified voice. Founders and members of this initiative will choose from a variety of services, branding components, networking opportunities, public relations campaigns, and promotions.

A website is in the works and a membership recruitment drive will kick-off following Independence Day. Independence was the basis for creating the United States: saving American jobs may determine the future of the United States!
Don Rongione, President & CEO, Bollman Hat Company

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My favorite running hat

Early this morning I headed out on my morning run with my new sneakers, bright colored moisture wicking tshirt and my favorite running hat. Before I get to the running hat let me ask a general question...."who are these people who go running in the early morning hours or at night in a low light situation with dark clothing?" This is crazy. The cars on the road are most likely driven by people talking on the phone, day-dreaming or just don't see you in all the dark clothing. I saw one guy recently who looked like a cat burglar with his all black clothing. Hopefully he arrived home safely.

Back to my hat.

Years ago we all wore cotton twill or wool/acrylic baseball caps for multiple activities - little league baseball, cutting the grass, etc.
In 2009 I still see folks exercising in cotton twill baseball caps.
This seems a bit strange to me - - why wear a cotton cap with moisture absorbing properties so that your hat becomes a wet rag as you sweat. Just think of your sweaty scalp and nappy hair under that cap. I am sure the cap smells great the next day. Of course on a cool day when you begin to cool-off that wet cap now becomes a cold wet rag chilling your body.

Back to my hat.

My favorite cap is our #5508 - that is our local running club's logo on the front. It is unstructured, low crown "built for speed performance model" made of microfiber and mesh featuring reflective piping.
The microfiber and mesh combination provides me with a lightweight cap that allows my scalp and head to receive fresh air while the microfiber will not absorb the sweat but pull it off my skin and then dry quickly for a comfortable feel.

Hope that you try on a new athletic performance cap from Philadelphia Rapid Transit or another great headwear manufacturer sometime soon. Enjoy the cap and enjoy your run.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a Win-Win.....

We all hear a lot about the sun protection and fashion aspect to hats. I can tell you that over my career with Dorfman Pacific, which is over 30 years, I have seen many different aspects of my third love-HATS. (Now that my wife and son are appropriately recognized) I see another great opportunity for we in the headwear industry.

This opportunity is to make people more aware of the benefits of hat wearing as it pertains to the prevention of skin cancer and premature aging. As I see it, we have a responsibility, as parents and grandparents, to lead by example and wear more hats so that the next generation won’t endure the ravages of melanoma as we are experiencing now. To this end, I also want to see a concerted effort on the headwear industry to actively and aggressively pursue more substantive relationships with organizations such as the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and/or the Skin Cancer Foundation.

The benefits derived from this type of association will speak volumes to consumers and retailers. It will be a classic example of Win-Win-Win-Win.

I see the next step to be a unified effort from THA with a game plan and resources devoted to make this happen.

Who is with me on this?

Monday, June 15, 2009

F&M Giovannio Hats

Hats are hot!
Fashion Editors are using more hats in their editorials than ever seen in recent years. They especially like bold prints and tie dye patterns. Extra large brims are very popular this season, for both Derby and casual sun hats. Not to be forgotten are the very popular trend caps: golfer or driver and mod caps. The excitement in hats seems to be continuing into fall. The trilby continues to be seen both on the street and in the stores. Important shapes continue to be the driver and mod caps along with a growing desire for small face framing felt cloches.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whats your favorite hat?

June 10th, 2009

What's your favorite hat?
That's a question I get asked a lot. The answer is I have a lot of favorite hats.
Remember, I sell hats for a living and I have many favorites for various reasons. But they all don't look good on me. So I have my personal favorites and they all have one thing in common. The brim size is always 2 inches or less, never more. You can guess that sun protection is not my goal. It is just that my face gets lost in those big brim hats. Sometimes you can see these guys with the long jaw and the big brim hat on his head looks fantastic. That guy is not me. To me, the biggest trick in finding the right hat for you is finding the right brim size. Then it gets easy. For example, I have 3 hats in my closet now that I wear, depending on where I go. They all have a 2 inch brim, like I said, but one has a pinch front crown, one has a center crease crown, and the other is a traditional pork pie crown. Oh, and I like the snap brims. Lately, I have been wearing the brims up. But sometimes that is too much "rock'n'roll" for a corporate event, so in those times I snap the brim down. If I can figure out how to put a photo on this blog site, I'll attach the hat I've been wearing lately. The brim size is an inch and three quarters.

Bob Broner

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From Rude Boy Ska to Runway Couture

We've all seen the traditional rude boy ska style, whether your favorite bands include Reel Big Fish and The Specials or not. This fashion trend has been popular for years, but what you may not know is that this style is not just about thick rimmed glasses or thick sideburns; the essential accessory that adds the finishing touches to such a classic look is the pork pie hat.

And here's a bit of news that may shock some of you - this casual men's hat is now one of the hottest fashion must have accessories. As the models stepped out onto the runway earlier this year for a St. Louis fashion show, fashion headwear was the focus. Pork pie hats provide an ultra sleek, super cool runway couture look that can easily go from day to night.

Take it from Chris Meloni, star of Law & Order SVU, who recently attended a fashion show at Bryant Park wearing a stunning gray pork pie hat.

Still don't believe me? What if I told you this accessory has topped the head of soccer superstar David Beckham for a casual day of travel with his family?

What's more - trendy ladies have been seen stepping out in these typical men's hats. Fergie and Mischa Barton have been known to bend the rules before, so it's not surprising that they've added pork pie hats to their funky celeb style.



Hats in the Belfry

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Best way to promote hats....

If you are reading this you probably have something to do with the hat business and are interested in promoting hat wearing. Please stop reading and put on a hat. Enjoy the compliments from your fellow citizen and rest easy knowing you did your part to promote hats. Repeat as needed until we elect a president who again wears a hat.

Yes, its just that easy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

THA Kicks off Annual "Hat Day in the Sun"

With 90 percent of all skin cancers caused by sun exposure, The Headwear Association (THA) is once again launching Hat Day in the Sun on Friday, June 19, 2009 to coincide with the first weekend of summer.

Hat Day in the Sun, an annual national public awareness campaign will educate adults and children about how the right hat can protect against skin cancer, premature skin damage and the advance aging process. To celebrate this event, THA members will be giving away free wide-brimmed sun-protection hats across the country as well as tips for sun protection.
“A hat with a wide brim along all sides of your head should offer good sun protection for your eyes, ears, face, and the back of your neck,” said David Goldman, president of The Headwear Association. "In the case of sun protection, a good hat should be both stylish and functional."

To be sure you are purchasing the right hat to protect against the harmful effects of the sun; The Headwear Association recommends the following tips:

Size - A hat with a minimum 2 ½” brim can provide adequate sun protection for the neck, face and ears.

Shape - Hat shapes that protect better against ultraviolet radiation (UVR) are ones that curve down to follow the contours of the head and neck.

Material - The material of a hat should be lightweight and breathable. Fabric should be a closed weave straw, raffia, cloth, or felt.

For more information about The Headwear Association or Hat Day in the Sun, please visit or call Susan Weiss, SWPR at 312-222-1337.

# # #

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pub Caps Offer a Hip Hop Spin on the Classic Ivy

No one knows fashion better than A-List celebrities. I mean, let’s be honest, they pay enough for their personal stylists, so they better step out with the hottest trends of the season. That being said, it’s no wonder pub caps, or duckbill caps - the same hat known by a different name, have made their way onto the heads of fashion forward men across the globe.

Offering a young, hip spin on a traditional “old man’s hat,” stars like Ne-Yo, Usher and Brad Pitt to name a few, have paved the way for pub caps, this spring’s must have fashion accessory.

Usher made a bold statement in a sleek, all white pub cap for his album release celebrations in New York City.

Ne-Yo, famous for topping off his sophisticated, urban style with trendy hats has traded in his fedoras for pub caps in recent appearances

So where did the pub caps trend begin?

Some believe what is said to be the hottest accessory this spring started gaining popularity just over a year ago with Brad Pitt. One of Hollywood’s most respected actors and someone the ladies just can’t get enough of, Brad Pitt began selling these trendy hats for his “Make it Right” charity which aimed to build new homes for the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans.

As Pitt put his best face forward with a variety of pub caps, the popularity of this trend began to grow. Now pub caps, the more fitted version of traditional ivy caps, offer a brim with the perfect oval arch to frame your face and give you the hottest spring style.

The only question I am left with is when women are going to get an opportunity to take advantage of this hot style trend? I’m waiting for fashionistas like Alicia, Rihanna and Britney to join the men and make pub caps the universal IT accessory.

Hats in the Belfry

Monday, April 20, 2009

"cold rain and snow"-like

"Well I married me a wife, she's been trouble all my life
Run me out in the cold rain and snow"

Not sure what the boys meant to say with these lyrics but here in Philly today there is plenty of cold rain but gratefully no snow.

In weather like this everyone needs a hat to keep warm and stay dry. This morning I grabbed my classic six-panel baseball cap made with warm fleece (#6613). Hopefully tomorrow is a bit drier.

Getting back to the Dead they are coming to Philly in a few weeks. I have tix for May 1. Need to grab a good hat for the show.

Drop me a line and tell me what's on your head?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

spring time headwear

Nothing like a 26 degree morning (in Philadelphia) to remind everyone that spring is here.
The forecast is for sunny and high 40s this afternoon - perfect for my recycled cotton knit beanie; made in the USA.

Hope that you are warm/cool and comfortable where ever you are and remember to wear hat.

-David Goldman

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Headwear Association Celebrates 101st Year Anniversary

The Headwear Association (THA), the oldest association in the hat trade will celebrates its 101st year anniversary with a gala dinner on Thursday, March 19 at The Tavern on the Green, Central Park at West 67th Street in New York.

As The Headwear Association celebrates its 101st year, the organization has a renewed focus and energy. The mission today is to promote hat wearing and the headwear industry throughout the world and foster goodwill and fellowship among those engaged in the headwear industry.

Highlights of the evening include:

To formally induct Jackie Kennedy, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Princess Diana, Samuel L. Jackson and Vince Lombardi into The Headwear Hall of Fame

To honor outgoing president, Bob Broner with the David Lieberman Award

To present the Annual Hat Retailer of the Year Award to Sam Meyer from Meyer the Hatter

To present the Ben Rosenthal Award to Bernard Grossman, a leader in the headwear industry

For more information, please call THA's publicist Susan Weiss at 312-222-1337 or