Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whats your favorite hat?

June 10th, 2009

What's your favorite hat?
That's a question I get asked a lot. The answer is I have a lot of favorite hats.
Remember, I sell hats for a living and I have many favorites for various reasons. But they all don't look good on me. So I have my personal favorites and they all have one thing in common. The brim size is always 2 inches or less, never more. You can guess that sun protection is not my goal. It is just that my face gets lost in those big brim hats. Sometimes you can see these guys with the long jaw and the big brim hat on his head looks fantastic. That guy is not me. To me, the biggest trick in finding the right hat for you is finding the right brim size. Then it gets easy. For example, I have 3 hats in my closet now that I wear, depending on where I go. They all have a 2 inch brim, like I said, but one has a pinch front crown, one has a center crease crown, and the other is a traditional pork pie crown. Oh, and I like the snap brims. Lately, I have been wearing the brims up. But sometimes that is too much "rock'n'roll" for a corporate event, so in those times I snap the brim down. If I can figure out how to put a photo on this blog site, I'll attach the hat I've been wearing lately. The brim size is an inch and three quarters.

Bob Broner

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