Thursday, March 18, 2010


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the THA Dinner tonight in NYC. Looks like we have a nice crowd (125+) for our new venue - Central Park Boathouse.

I am not sure which hat to wear...fedora or trilby.

My last event as THA President....good luck to Courtney Bush.

-David Goldman

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

THA Celebrates 102nd Year Anniversary

The Headwear Association (THA) celebrates its 102nd year anniversary with a gala dinner at the Central Park Boathouse, E. 72nd St & Park Drive in New York on Thursday, March 18th at 6pm.

Highlights of the evening include:

-- Induction of new members of the Headwear Hall of Fame. 2010 inductees are: Humphrey Bogart, Brad Pitt, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Jessica Parker, Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Lopez

-- To honor outgoing THA president David Goldman, with the David Lieberman Award

-- To present the annual Hat Retailer of the Year Award to Martin Mann of Hats Plus in Chicago

-- To present the Ben Rosenthal Award to S.H. Baik of Young An, a leader in the headwear industry

For more information, please contact THA's publicist Susan W. Littman, SWPR at 312-222-1337 or