Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My favorite running hat

Early this morning I headed out on my morning run with my new sneakers, bright colored moisture wicking tshirt and my favorite running hat. Before I get to the running hat let me ask a general question...."who are these people who go running in the early morning hours or at night in a low light situation with dark clothing?" This is crazy. The cars on the road are most likely driven by people talking on the phone, day-dreaming or just don't see you in all the dark clothing. I saw one guy recently who looked like a cat burglar with his all black clothing. Hopefully he arrived home safely.

Back to my hat.

Years ago we all wore cotton twill or wool/acrylic baseball caps for multiple activities - little league baseball, cutting the grass, etc.
In 2009 I still see folks exercising in cotton twill baseball caps.
This seems a bit strange to me - - why wear a cotton cap with moisture absorbing properties so that your hat becomes a wet rag as you sweat. Just think of your sweaty scalp and nappy hair under that cap. I am sure the cap smells great the next day. Of course on a cool day when you begin to cool-off that wet cap now becomes a cold wet rag chilling your body.

Back to my hat.

My favorite cap is our #5508 - that is our local running club's logo on the front. It is unstructured, low crown "built for speed performance model" made of microfiber and mesh featuring reflective piping.
The microfiber and mesh combination provides me with a lightweight cap that allows my scalp and head to receive fresh air while the microfiber will not absorb the sweat but pull it off my skin and then dry quickly for a comfortable feel.

Hope that you try on a new athletic performance cap from Philadelphia Rapid Transit or another great headwear manufacturer sometime soon. Enjoy the cap and enjoy your run.


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