Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Headwear Association Hosts 103rd Annual Dinner at The Central Park Boathouse

When we stepped into the Boathouse it felt like we’d entered a time warp. The room was filled with a glamorous crowd – and every single one of the 160 party guests at the 103rd Annual Headwear Association dinner was wearing a hat.

Gentlemen and dandies were decked out fedoras, derbys, homburgs and cowboy hats; the ladies were wearing everything from wide-brimmed statement hats to the chic, modern fascinators favored by Kate Middleton.

The Headwear Association (THA) is the oldest association in the hat trade and the oldest of its kind. Originally known as the Traveling Hat Salesmen's Association (THSA), the organization was founded on January 30, 1908 at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City by 34 hat salesmen.

THA President Courtney Bush of San Diego Hat Company welcomed the guests and was awarded the David Leiberman Award recognizing his year of service as president. Ryan Seth of Hats in the Belfry was inducted as the new Headwear Association President.

Headwear stalwart David Broner of Broner Hat & Glove was presented with the Ben Rosenthal Award recognizing a lifetime of excellence and leadership in the Headwear Industry. David Broner accepted this prestigious award in front of the entire Broner family – his wife, sons, daughter and grandsons all came from Detroit to attend the event.

Shawn Ferry, President of Byrnie Utz Hats in Seattle was presented with the Retailer of the Award.

Dawn Duncan, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations at Fashion Institute of Technology announced the establishment of
The Headwear Association Endowed Scholarship at FIT. S.H. Baik of Young An Hat Company created the scholarship and partnered with The Headwear Association and FIT.

The scholarship will be awarded to a full time student with demonstrated academic merit and financial need majoring in Accessories Design with preference given to a student with special interest in millinery design.

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