Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wallaroo Debuts the Christine Collection - Headscarves for Fashion & Function

Oh, how we love a head scarf. They exude classic 70s chic bohemia and transform an outfit with a simple twist.  They are functional fashion for women suffering from hair loss, and they offer an alternative to wigs and hats.  The new Danish-designed Christine Collection from Wallaroo features scarves and turbans that are comfortable, beautiful and versatile.

When Wallaroo designed the Christine Collection, the intention was to provide medical patients who had lost their hair with a comfortable, fashionable headwear option. But the company soon found themselves writing orders for boutiques who loved them as a fashion statement and wanted to stock them. 

Not surprising, as the headscarf has an illustrious place in the history of fashion. Take a look.

The 1920’s Gatsby Look

1940’s Rosie the Riveter Inspired Look, as seen at Marc Jacobs 

1950s Grace Kelly

1960s Bardot, Beatnik & Mod

The one and only Bridgette Bardot. Magnifique!

1970s Gypsy Boho

Ali Macgraw was known for the look, and wore them effortlessly. Hello Studio 54.


Sophia Loren rocked a glamorous head scarf like nobody’s business.

And the Reigning Queen of the headscarf – our girl Rhoda Morganstern. 


Valerie Harper, you are an inspiration. You sent a message of power after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer with an impressive turn on Dancing with the Stars. At the age of 74, no less.  

The Wallaroo Christine Collection was designed with brave women like you in mind, beautiful survivors. 

The Wallaroo Basic Easy (Retail: $70)

The Basic Easy is just that - easy to put on and easy to wear. The long ends have been tied and fixed together so all you have to is slip it on! If you like, your look can still be customized by tucking or tying the ends into a knot or bow. Silk fabric makes this a dressier option too.

The Wallaroo Basic Long  (Retail: $60)

For the most styling options, the Basic Long lets you tie the scarf yourself. First, the two long ends can be tied in the back or on the side. Then you can try knotting them, tying them in a bow, or tucking them in for a chic chignon look. Choose from ten colors in two fabric options: cotton for comfort and structure, or bamboo - ultra-soft and moisture wicking.

The Yoga Turban (Retail $40)

You guessed it! This turban is perfect for wearing to yoga class, on a cruiser bike ride or just around the house. The ultra-soft bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking, which provides cooling comfort on those humid days. Available in six rich colors.         

View the entire Christine Collection here:


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